Hi! I'm Victoria Mart铆n

A Tourism, Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship lover.

Know more about me in Spanish

About me

I am a 23 years old girl from Granada (Spain) who loves looking at life from a different perspective.聽 Not for nothing travelling, reflecting, motivating others and seeing beyond problems are my favourite activities.聽聽

One day someone told me not to try conventional tasks to change, and as it was going against everything I am, I decided to learn by myself how to bring to the present the innovation of the future.聽

What I can and love to do

Web Design

Visual Composer, Elementor.


Complete development

Social Media

Planning, Profile optimization and Creative Design


Web Optimization, Linkbuilding聽
(Always learning!)

E-mail Marketing

Newsletter Management


Facebook Ads, SEM


Sony Vegas, Youtube

See beyond

To find new solutions!

What I manage

Woocommerce 95%
Visual Composer, Elementor 98%
Photoshop 80%
Illustrator 40%
Illustrator 75%
Facebook Ads 80%
Google Analytics 80%
Office 365 90%
HTML y CSS 37%

If I don’t know something today, I’ll learn it tomorrow



I have acquired almost all my knowledge from the Internet, investing lots of hours on self-learning from Blogs, Youtube and different courses.

Digital Leader Program

Thanks to the Digital Leader Program and the 8web agency I streghtened my knowledge about the digital marketing industry and their tools.聽

Entrepreneurial Talent

Being part of such an inspiring ecosystem opened my mind to new creative solutions, new thinking processes and a world of opportunities.

Vodafone Campus Lab

Aiming to end with the lonely of elderly people, I finished the program on 5th of 32th position as part of a multidisciplinar team and with the Innovation Leader recognition.

Erasmus in Warsaw

The experience that changed my life, that made me find my true passions and enjoy the magic of diversity in an international environment.

University of Granada

Graduate in Business Management with a strong vocation and great interest on the international businesses related to the Tourism and Digital Industry.

My Projects

My entrepreneurial spirit always finds things to solve and new solutions, making me get to work and put my skills in practice.  Eventhough they are not the only ones, these two projects marked the path of what I am and what I want to be. 

ROUTELEO,  the perfect resume of all my passions that led me to the entrepreneurship world in order to help people discover the world. The metasearch engine that answers the question: 

Which is the best way to go there?

OJO A LA CARTA was not born as project but as a solution for a friend’s restaurant, but marked the beggining of my path with digital businesses. 

More things about me

Talento Mujer 4.0

From the Chair of Talent and Leadership of the Univesity of Granada I was invited to participate in the program Talento Mujer 4.0, which aimed to empower women in the technological world.聽聽

Although I decided not to continue, their message really cause an impact on me and opened my eyes to an incredible reality in which I knew I wanted to participate from its most creative part:聽

Digital Marketing.聽

Barcel贸 Hotel Group Traineeship

My strong interest on the Tourism Industry made me choose a big hotel to do my traineeship.聽 The adventure lead me to the Canary Islands, where not only could I learn from the Administration department but also colaborate with Logistics, Bookings and Guest Experience tasks and job fairs with the Human Resources workmates.聽聽
My desire to maximize the experience ended up attracting an offer to start a career in聽 Hotel Management.

UGR Emprendedora

The incredible learning during my Erasmus in Warsaw and the following months made me realise that lot of things needed to be improved and that I wanted to enhance and participate in that transformation, so after finishing my degree I joined the Entrepreneurial area of the University of Granada, UGR Emprendedora.

Several programs, thousand learnings and lots of inspiring contacts later, I can say that it was the best decision I could have ever taken because of the way I can see the world now and how have I grown.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.